PURPOSE              Our purpose is simple:  First Nazarene Church (FNC) exists to build great Kingdom citizens.  Great Kingdom

                                        citizens are built when people come to know Jesus and those who know Him come to know Him better.


STRATEGY           Our strategy comes directly from the way Jesus built more and better Kingdom citizens. He intentionally invites

                                      people to connect with Him. Those who connect with Him grow together in groups and proceed to serve the

                                      world. Then they share Jesus with others and invite them to do the same.


                                      Jesus’ strategy is the FNC strategy:


                                      | CONNECT |  Connect with Jesus and other believers | Luke 5:27-28 | Every worship gathering at FNC is designed

                                      to connect people with Jesus, the One who can radically transform their life. We also want to connect with

                                      other people who are on this faith journey together.


                                          | GROW Grow in our likeness and imitation of Jesus | Philippians 1:9-11 | Jesus loves us but He doesn’t want to

                                      leave us the way we were and are. He wants us to grow in our understanding of His character and priorities so

                                      that we can imitate and reflect Him. We grow by reading our Bible and praying, but we also seek growth in

                                      community through classes and groups.


                                          | SERVE |  Serve Jesus | 1 Peter 4:10 | As you continue growing, your faith will become less about you and more

                                     about others. Reading your Bible and praying frequently will spur you on to a deeper love of God, which is shown

                                     through serving others through and beyond FNC.


                                          | SHARE |  Share the difference Jesus has made in your life | Mark 5:19-20 | Finally, your commitment to the

                                     community will blossom into leadership as you share with others and invite them to connect, grow, and serve

                                     alongside them. People become better leaders when they become great followers.