Here at FNC, we are about connecting with our community. We want families in our community to know that we exist for them. Part of that plan includes building a nice playground that would be available to the families in our community. We have raised funds that will pay for most of this project. However, we are still short of the goal necessary to begin construction. For more details about our vision for this project, what options we have, and how you can contribute, click HERE.

Option 1

The first option we have is to build a nice sized playset similar to what is pictured here. It would also include a set of swings, a spin cup, tetherball, and an infant tandem swing. It also includes the mulch and barriers around the playground. Currently we are about $4,000 short of the goal.

Option 2

This set is larger and can accommodate up to 50 children. This also includes swings, a tire swing, tetherball, and an infant tandem swing. We have a shortage of about $13,000 to complete this set.


We have another couple of "wish list" items that would be great to add to our new playground, if donations exceed the amount we need to build either of these two playground sets. Benches cost around $1,000 and a professional shade structure would be $18,000 - which would be a great blessing in the hot summer months we experience in Amarillo. We are excited about this opportunity! If you have questions or are interested in contributing to this campaign, please email us HERE.