Teenagers are the future. Here at FNC, we stand alongside our teens to help them discover their true identity in Christ. We share the truth of Gospel in a relevant, authentic way to show teens how Jesus can change their lives and their eternity. Our focus is to change the way teens look at the world, and to see that Christ calls us to a new life that goes against the flow of culture.  


I am so excited to be at FNC!  My wife (Cathy) and I love our students. My focus as a youth pastor is to share the Gospel of Jesus with our teens, and to see how that Gospel not only changes their lives, but the world around them. Cathy and I are passionate about making a difference in the lives our students. We are real with them, because we believe teens long for authenticity.  

If you have any questions about our events or would like to know more about the youth ministry at FNC, please don't hesitate to email me. Also, you can find more info about our group on our Facebook page.


Here at FNC, we believe life is about relationships. First, a relationship with Jesus, then relationships with others. We stay busy with activities like trips, camp outs, DNow, and a ton of other things, but the underlying focus in all of it is to lead students to have a relationship with Jesus and building relationships with each other.